Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My List of the BEST Green People on Twitter

I know there are already a million lists of top green people to follow on twitter. The problem is that I often disagree with those lists as to who are the best people to follow. This is why:
  1. In my opinion Twitter is best when it is a two way conversation. This can only happen when both people follow each other. I don't follow people who don't care about what I have to say.
  2. In order for me to recommend someone they need to have at least 100 tweets. I've seen people on lists with less than 20 tweets and I just don't get it. Were those 14 tweets really so amazing that they deserve to be a top tweeter to follow?
  3. I don't care what your twitter name is. Just because your twitter name has the word "green" or "eco" in it does not mean that you post good tweets.
Ok. So here is my list:

Please let me know if I have missed anybody by leaving a comment!


  1. You missed @figandsage!!! We're pretty cool if we do say so ourselves ;)


  2. I agree. I'm adding you right now!

  3. Check out @ecobunga. We just started tweeting the green giveaways & deals we list daily on ecobunga.com. Sorry we're not following anyone - too darn busy finding green deals!

  4. You may have missed @icount4myearth and @myEARTH360 ;)

  5. Hi Lynn! I did miss those! I'm adding them now, but for some reason I don't think @icount4myearth is following me :(

  6. Nice list, thanks for posting!

    @ecofashionista is great to follow!

  7. Cuddlendance is a central HUB for uniting established environmentalists

  8. Howdy:

    You totally missed @vegetarian deals and @m38967, I hear they're pretty awesome freakin peeps.

    Oh! and thanxs for including @keetsa

  9. Thanks for having @Ways2GoGreen on your list. You, @mgonyeo, are definitely one of the best green tweeters as well.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.


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