Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm obsessed!!!

I'm not usually one who obsesses over the latest technology but I have to admit that this time I am! I've been wanting a new phone for a while now but hadn't found anything in my price range that offered much more than I already had with my LG Chocolate. I looked into the iPhone, but was not willing to switch to AT&T. But now I've found the Blackberry Storm! At only $199 (with rebate, 2 year calling plan, etc.) the Storm has everything I want and more. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, expandable memory, a full HTML browser, a built in GPS, and is Bluetooth headset compatable. It has a better camera than the iPhone (3.2 megapixels vs. iPhone's 2 megapixels) and has video capabilities. Best of all it is a Blackberry! All I know is that if my husband does not come home with a Blackberry Storm for me this Friday (launch day) he better not come home.
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