Thursday, November 27, 2008

I just can't get enough books

My husband and I both LOVE to read. I love short stories, novels, biographies, business books, and cookbooks while my husband is obsessed with WWII books. If we bought every book new at Barnes and Noble we would soon be broke. Instead we trade books with people all across the US on Paperback Swap. You pay to ship a book to someone and in return get a credit for a book of your choice. There are over 2.5 million books on the site so chances are you will find something you're looking for. If what you want is not there just add it to your wish list and as soon as it's posted it will be reserved for you! According to the website my husband and I have save $1,251 by using this site. If you would like to try it for yourself just click the link below. Have fun!
BTW, in case you were wondering about the cookbooks. It's true, I don't cook. I just like to read them :) - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

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