Monday, January 11, 2010

Yantra Mat Review (Week 1)

If you follow my blog you know that I had never heard of a Yantra Mat before I received one in the mail last week. Since then I have used it for ten minutes a day and have enjoyed every minute of it!

(Sorry about the horrible picture!)

According to the website "For the first few minutes, you will likely experience discomfort; this will subside." I actually didn't experience any discomfort at all, which surprised me because the points are very sharp to the touch. This may have been because I wore a tank top each time which put a layer in between my skin and the mat.  So far I have only tried lying on my back with my knees bent, but this week I plan on trying out some other positions.

My only previous experience with acupressure is when I have squeezed my hand in between my thumb and pointer finger in order to alleviate headaches. I found that lying on the mat gave me the same sensation! It kind of felt like my brain is a little tingley, in a good way. This does not explain the sensation well, but it is the only way I can think to describe it. I felt very relaxed and comfortable the whole time.

I have also noticed feeling more energetic than normal this past week. I'm not sure if this is related to the mat or not. I will have to see if this continues in the next week!

From On the back of the Yantra Mat you'll notice an Indian meditation symbol, the Yantra. This word comes from the Sanskrit word yan, which means “form,” and tra, which means “free.” The Yantra symbol will remind you to breathe deeply and relax, even when you're too busy to lie down.

The Yantra Mat is made of 100% cotton. The spiked flowers are made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic.

The mats are available in 2 colors: purple and green (I have the green one)
They come in 3 sizes: medium, large, and extra large (I used medium)

This week I will start using the mat for 20 minutes a day. I will update you next week on how this goes!

So, what about you? Have you ever tried acupressure? Would you like to try a mat like this?

This review is solely my opinion. Other people may have different experiences with the product. I have received no compensation for my review other than receiving a sample to test.


  1. I've not seen a mantra mat before. How interesting!

  2. cool - I've never seen this before!

    thanks for entering my giveaway! :)

  3. Thanks for your review. I just saw the ad for the Yantra Mat on facebook and was looking for some real people reviews on it. I think I'll give it a shot!

  4. Hi Valerie!
    Glad you noticed our facebook ads :)
    I do hope you'll try our mats! Please email me if you have any questions at
    And we have a limited time promo of 20% off your total order (coupon code RELAX), up until Jan. 31st!
    Thanks again,
    Yantra Mat USA

  5. Can't find a week 2 comment - does that mean you gave up on the Yantra mat?

  6. Anon,

    Here's the post you are looking for:

  7. I have tried The Fakirmat with a pillow. Works good too! ALso Swedish I guess

  8. Yantra Mats are now $20 off (through April 17,2010 only) - medium size only (comes with free carrying case!!). Check it out at

  9. Interesting review! Personally I don't have Yantra mat, I am using Pranamat Eco, which is same acupressure mat, but only absolutely allergy-free. Because I am allergic person and have very sensitive skin, I was not able to use product made of synthetic materials, such Yantra mat. Therefore I started to search alternatives and found Pranamat Eco, which is 100% organic. I am absolutely pleased with this product and happy I found it :-) If you are interested, or if You are allergic as I am, you can check info about Pranamat on

    1. Pranamat uses rubberized coir mattress, which has latex. How is that for your allergy?

  10. It's a good idea for Father's Day gift. My dad uses his Yantra Mat after
    running to relax. They have fathers day pricing too. They are available at

  11. Unfortunately I found this mat not to be what it claims. It's very sharp, will slice skin like butter, but I couldn't feel the points through my shirt. It gave me no relief from tight muscles and be aware that the company charges shipping BOTH ways yet says they stand behind their product. I would say Buyer Beware!

  12. Bed of Nails - Yantra Mat

    Over the last twenty years in the West there has been a growing surge of interest in Eastern forms of exercise, meditation and self improvement. Yoga of many kinds is now practiced by a large and increasing number of people in their search to find tranquility and calmness in a crazy world.

    The Yantramat is an example of how a single artifact taken from yogic culture has achieved remarkable market prominence even among people for whom it is their first connection with yoga. What is the Yantramat and how does it work? What does it do?

    The Yantramat is based on the ancient yogic concept of the ‘bed of nails’ a device created by the yogis and others ( the Russian peoples also had the same idea) to go beyond limiting patterns of the mind, to go beyond pain and to achieve peace and inner stillness.

    When you lie down on the Yantramat, the spikes stimulate the Marma points. These are points that in Ayurvedic and yogic healing have a predictable effect on the energy of the body. This stimulates the flow of ‘prana’ or life force to flow through the ‘naadis’ the tiny channels which form a network to carry the prana into the whole body. The increased flow of prana has a harmonising and relaxing effect on the biosystem which creates the ‘feelgood’ factor that attracts people to the mat.

    One of the ‘8 limbs of Yoga’ as defined by the great Yogi Rishi Patanjali is ‘pratyahar’ which is usually translated as ‘withdrawal of the senses’. It is a technical process which involves synchronization of all the sensory input to one single point or thought or focus. In this way the scatteredness or the ‘all over the place’ monkey mind is trained to obey its owner. The Yantramat is an exceptional tool to experience the yogic state of ‘pratyahar’.

    Until full scale doubleblind tests can be done on the Yantramat, no medical claims can be made. But we can hear the great experiences that people have reported using the Yantramat. Thousands and thousands of them!

    I have taught yoga and meditation for 30 years and as Director of the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training course I am aware of the need to help people to change their relationship with their own thoughts, to ‘stop’ their mind. The Yantramat is considered an invaluable tool here at Kundalini Medicine to help people slow their process down and be very still and very present.

    Enjoy and savour the Yantramat, a modern version of an authentic piece of Yogic culture.

    Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa BAcC RCHM
    International School of Kundalini Yoga

  13. Moving back to England from Sain and shoving furniture around re-activated a bit of damage in my spine which then led to sciatica. What an interesting experience that is! Incredible discomfort day and night and severely reduced mobility. Nobody had a clue how to cure it. Doctors, Friends and Google just had varying opinions on how long it would last. – Minimum:- 3 months – Maximum:- never cured: remains latent and ready to strike at any time. Yikes!
    Then, a couple of weekends ago, we were shopping in Chester. It was a slow stop start stroll round Debenhams and I was developing a massive “dead leg” – really painful. At last we got to Holland and Barratt and there was a CHAIR!!!!! I sat down with some relief on a well worn scratty looking cushion thingy. On a shelf above the chair was a magazine Selotaped open at an advert for the “Yantra Mat” which supposedly replicates the ancient “Bed of Nails” Then it was time to make our purchases ( mine was Cod Liver Oil and Malt) and continue our journey. Walking away from the shop, I realised – THERE WAS NO PAIN!. I returned immediately, swiftly and painlessly and I bought the Yantra Mat for £40. I am sitting on it now and I have not had a twitch of discomfort since. Strange but True

  14. i have been using the yantramat for only 5 days and already feel the benefit, i fall asleep much quicker at night and can honestly say it has alleviated a niggling pain i've had in my lower back for some weeks now, was sceptical at first but after reading so many positive reviews and was happy to invest £40, am so glad i did. Even if you are lucky enough to have no ailments the experience is lovely, feel relaxed and floaty after using the mat for as little as 10-15 mins. Give it a try.

  15. I have a Heavenly acupressure mat which i got online at for less than $40 and have been using it for about a year now. It is amazing. The initial sensation takes about 3 or 4 uses to get used to, but after 4 or 5 uses, it is a breeze. I use it for muscle tension relief (i run triathlons) and to help me sleep better. Best $40 i ever spent!

  16. I have used acupressure mats for a few years now and can attest they help! Strongest ones on the market are LotusMasters (, which are the newest generation ones made from TPE (like a yoga mat). These mats have given great results in helping alleviate/cure chronic tendonitis without the use if pharma anti-inflammatories or painkillers. A great article on the experience is here:
    Hope it helps. Health and Happiness.

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  20. Osteomat is a new acupressure mat made by Aplikator, the original European acupressure mat manufacturer. It is one of the only products that is CE marked in EU and can therefore make health claims about their product. If an acupressure mat is not CE marked, walk away!


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