Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Christmas List!

Here are a few things on my Christmas list this year! If you have any pull with Santa please pass this list along. Thanks!

Set of two Gaiam Natural Cork Yoga Blocks - I use blocks when I practice yoga at the studio and I would like to have some at home, too. The cork is a greener alternative to traditional yoga blocks because it is a sustainably harvested resource.

Glass Dharma Set of 6 Decorative Dots drinking straws w/brush - I'm a straw addict, especially when drinking smooties. I need an eco alternative to the traditional plastic straw. These are so beautiful I know I would cherish them!

Sake Set by wagnerpottery on Etsy -  I love sake, especially hot sake on a cold winter day. I need a nice sake set so I can stop looking like a college student drinking from old shot glasses.

What are you asking for on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments section below!


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