Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Cookbooks for Vegetarians

I don't cook. Neither does my husband. We go out to eat way more often than we should. It's expensive and not as healthy as I would like. Someday when I win the lottery I will hire a personal chef. Until then I will try to teach myself to cook by buying every veg cookbook I can find. Here are a few of the best ones I have found:

Not the healthiest cookbook, but the food is yummy and easy to make. Also, great recipes for party apps that non-vegetarians will love!

This book has 400 recipes! Everything you could possibly want to make is in this book! It is an amazing resource.

This is not the easiest cookbook, but it has some of the most exciting, mouth watering veg recipes I have ever seen. I want to try every single thing in this book!

Please let me know which veg cookbooks you enjoy so I can add them to my bookshelf!


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